Getting Started with Workforce Dimensions - Line Manager

This job aid provides a basic overview of accessing and navigating the MyTime Home Screen.

Log on to the Workforce Dimensions Website

Workforce Dimensions login options.

Signing Out

Signing Out of Workforce Dimensions:

• Closes your session, signals to the application that you no longer require access to any of its components, and prevents other people from accessing your information

• To log off Workforce Dimensions, click the Main Menu Main menu icon. icon and tap Sign Out.

Sign out area on main menu.

Home Page Overview

The Home page is composed of tiles, that allows you to perform a common task. You can click a tile to perform a function such as submit a Time-off request (e.g. vacation, paid sick time, etc.). You can also navigate to application-specific components, and take actions on schedules, timecards, and other items that you may use regularly.


  • My Notifications – displays alerts and provides access to your control center messages.
  • My Profile – displays your associate information.
  • Timecard – provides a short cut to your timecard and displays exceptions.
  • My Time Off – gives access to submit time off requests.
  • My Schedule – provides a short cut to your calendar and displays your schedule.