Approve Timecards


This job aid and video explains how to approve a single timecard and multiple timecards at a time using Dimensions, as well as verifying your approval.


At the end of the pay period, by the designated deadline, you need to submit a timecard approval on your employees' timecards.

Before you approve your employees' timecards, you should:

  • Review the Pay Period Close/Summary Dataview and resolve any missed punch and unexcused absence exceptions.
  • Proceed with timecard review and approval.

Main Menu shows the Dataview Library option with the Pay Period Close Dataview open

To approve a single timecard:

  1. From the Main Menu , select Time > Timecards.
  2. From the timecard select the appropriate Timeframe .
  3. Review the timecard for accuracy.
  4. Click Approve from the action menu. An Information bar displays above the timecard grid when the approval is successful.
Employee Timecard with Approval message displayed

To approve multiple timecards:

You can also approve multiple timecards at the same time from the Main Menu > Time > Employee Summary or from any of your available Dataviews.

  1. Select the appropriate Timeframe and Hyperfind that you wish to approve.
  2. Select the check box next to the name of the employees you want to approve. To select all the employees, click Select All.
  1. Click Approve.
Employee Summary with all employees highlighted and Approve selected